Estate Litigation

4 Tips for Avoiding a Will or Trust Contest 1

A will or trust contest can derail your final wishes, rapidly deplete your estate, and tear your loved ones apart.  Unfortunately, we have the opportunity to observe such contests on a regular basis, and even among families where no one expected there would be any controversy.  Avoiding a will or […]

Do It Yourself Internet Will Turns Out To Be Very Expensive! 2 provides us with information that the Florida Supreme Court rules that money acquired by a woman after executing a form will she obtained from the Internet should be distributed according to the laws of intestacy because the Internet will did not have a residuary clause.  One justice calls the […]

Famous Probate Case – Atypically Typical

Today’s New York Times contains an article about the death of “Barbara Piasecka Johnson, Maid Who Married Multimillionaire, Dies at 76.” Barbara Piasecka Johnson, a Polish immigrant who came to America to work as a maid, first worked for J. Seward Johnson, Sr., the heir to the Johnson & Johnson […]

New Palm Coast Office for The Coleman Law Firm

We’re excited to announce that we have opened a satellite office in Palm Coast to serve the growing Flagler County population. The office location is 389 Palm Coast Parkway, SW, Suite 4, Palm Coast, Florida 32137.  Our Palm Coast phone number is (386) 264-7250, or you can always reach us toll […]

Improper Beneficiary Designation Means Loss of Life Insurance Death Benefits

Most people correctly believe that life insurance proceeds are exempt from creditors’ claims in Florida.  That is an accurate paraphrasing of Florida Statutes, Section 222.13. Most people incorrectly believe that it makes no difference who is the beneficiary of the life insurance policy because the death benefits are exempt from […]

Why You Should Periodically Review Your Estate Planning

Diamonds are forever!  Estate planning is not! The travails of the James Brown (Godfather of Soul) estate show just how bad things can get when estate planning documents are not updated when there are changed circumstances.  Brown didn’t update his estate planning after a late in life marriage, nor after […]

One Reason Good Lawyers Seek to Avoid Litigation for Clients

Unhappy family members are almost always quick to sue other family members regarding the “fairness” of a deceased parent’s distribution plan.  Whether it’s trust litigation or probate disputes, the emotions of the heirs who feel they have been “slighted” take control, their ability to reason completely overwhelmed. I visited a […]