Wills and Probate

4 Tips for Avoiding a Will or Trust Contest 1

A will or trust contest can derail your final wishes, rapidly deplete your estate, and tear your loved ones apart.  Unfortunately, we have the opportunity to observe such contests on a regular basis, and even among families where no one expected there would be any controversy.  Avoiding a will or […]

Estate Planning Tip – Check the Privacy of Your Estate Plan

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to fine tune your estate plan before you get caught up in the chaos of the holiday season. One area of planning that many people overlook is ensuring that their final wishes remain private. Will Your Final Wishes […]

Do It Yourself Internet Will Turns Out To Be Very Expensive! 2

ElderlawAnswers.com provides us with information that the Florida Supreme Court rules that money acquired by a woman after executing a form will she obtained from the Internet should be distributed according to the laws of intestacy because the Internet will did not have a residuary clause.  One justice calls the […]

Estate Planning Needed For Any Estate

A couple of days ago I received an email from a realtor who I recently met who had a question about estate planning.  Her question was: What level of assets do your clients need to own before your services benefit them? After I responded to her question, she told me […]

Ten Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan

The following article is reprinted from the GiftLegacy eNewsletter published by the Arthritis Foundation, and written by Philip Walters, the Director of Planned Giving for the Foundation. Personal Planner Ten Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan You have completed a will and perhaps a revocable living trust. Your durable power […]

Why Estate Planning Is Still Important

Did you know that April is National Financial Literacy Month? This is the perfect time to sit down with your loved ones to discuss your financial and estate planning objectives.  To help you move the discussion forward, we would like to suggest three action items:  (1) Gather around the computer monitor with […]

Famous Probate Case – Atypically Typical

Today’s New York Times contains an article about the death of “Barbara Piasecka Johnson, Maid Who Married Multimillionaire, Dies at 76.” Barbara Piasecka Johnson, a Polish immigrant who came to America to work as a maid, first worked for J. Seward Johnson, Sr., the heir to the Johnson & Johnson […]

Tis the Season . . . to Gift (or Not)

We have discussed the 2012 tax-saving opportunity quite a bit here lately.  You can read previous posts here and here.  This article continues our conversation by providing our clients and readers a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to gift or not to gift. For those who are just […]